Have a word with yourself.

You only have eyes for The Beautiful which means you are never desperate. If you were, you would already have someone. If you ever do get a beautiful person, it will be the same way that you get someone you don’t fancy: by being yourself. But ‘be yourself’ as a piece of ‘advice’ is a tricky customer because if your crush is seemingly uninterested in you, there is the potential obligation to be different, not necessarily better, than who you are which really amounts to second-guessing from a distance what your beloveds want in a romantic partner. By being yourself you don’t do anything out of the ordinary when someone you’re not attracted to approaches you, but the difference is you don’t have to. The same goes for The Beautiful; more often than not they don’t have to approach anyone.

All you need to do then is be a regular fixture in their life and develop a bond by speaking with them as you would a close friend—in other words—an equal. Easier said than done, I know. It’s almost as though you are not interested in them sexually. But you might not be good at pretending that they don’t bother you due to the risk that they might ‘cut their losses’ early on and then hook up with someone else. You’d be left kicking yourself thinking ‘I should’ve made a move sooner then I would have known for sure’. The anticipation of this outcome drives you mad when you see any beautiful body and, unfortunately, hitting on someone you don’t know first-hand is often counterproductive because it may come across a little too lustful for them. Most people, especially The Beautiful, are wary of being sexually harassed. Primarily, regardless of whether you have much in common, you will both talk the same. Only then can they come to the conclusion that they love you back.