This is not a moral story.

Acting like you have nothing to lose is not a mindless escape from sadness and depression which is tantamount to resignation; it is merely the pursuit of pleasure for pleasure’s sake. Food, drink and drugs overconsumed is an example of mindless escapism. Conversely, a true hedonist will not become dependent on food, drink and drugs because their pleasure-seeking is not a reaction to sadness and depression, not to say that they don’t suffer or feel pain. Though they are aware that the risk of death by misadventure is always present, they cannot restrain the ‘daredevil’ in them. ‘Daredevils’ do not fear the consequences of their actions, in fact, as far as they’re concerned, there are no consequences. This is not the same as knowing the potential consequences of ones actions, being afraid of them, carrying them out anyway and hoping not to face them.

When someone acts like they have nothing to lose, right or wrong, they are hard to trust. They are well defended against verbal and physical assault given that it is often what is in one’s interest that is most vulnerable. Being seemingly unattached to anything, should someone more daring than they are confront them, they can walk away from an unfavourable situation in no time whatsoever or welcome the challenge where others either flee in cowardice, along with the customary feelings of shame, or stick around and potentially catch a beating. They act as though if there is an afterlife, this is a truth they will come to know and if there isn’t one, this is a truth they will not come to know. Ladies and gentlemen, acting like you got nothing to lose.

(Shout outs: William Monaghan writer of The Departed [2006], Maria Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola writers of The Godfather: Part III [1990] and Michael Mann writer of Heat [1995])