(Updated on 03/06/18)

Origin: Dollis Hill, London.

Genre: Breakbeat hardcore.

Years Active: 1991 to present.

Real Name: Marc Anthony ‘Mac’ Clair.

Label: Reinforced Records.

Recommended Songs: Stupid Dope Mix (Pt.2). Oblivion (Head in The Clouds). Hardcore Junglism (Original Mix). Let The Music Move You (Original Vocal Mix). Heading to The Light. Heading to The Light (93 Remix). Alright Wid Me. Rainbow People (Remix). Remix of Nookie’s Give a Little Love. Pull up Tune. To The Max.


  • It is not widely known why Marc Clair produces music under the alias Manix, but here are a few theories. In the 1980s there was a British comic strip character who was a cybernetic secret agent named Manix. He may have gotten the idea from this. It is unlikely that he got the idea from the rare Irish surname ”Mannix” made famous by the American T.V detective character in the 1970s. More likely, ‘Manix’ may allude to the exciting and energetic sound of his music by way of stylisation of ‘manic’. (He produced a 4 track EP called Manic Minds). And, or, he simply may have wanted many of his aliases to be assonant i.e. Marc, Mac, Manix.


  • If you say the word ‘Manix’ to someone who knows more about Indie music than they do underground dance, they are likely to think you are talking about the Welsh band The Manic Street Preachers who people abbreviate as ‘The Manics’.


  • Marc Clair is one half of 4-Hero. He is the one photographed often with a keyboard in hand. The other is Dego McFarlane.


  • His solo projects are generally more melodic (House-like in sound) than his  collaborations. All the different aliases including Tek 9 made people think that many different bands had signed to the label when in reality it was just three people including Gus Lawrence.


  • The word ‘reinforced’ in Reinforced Records should not be mistaken for the word re-enforced which effectively means enforced again. ‘Reinforce’ means strengthen or support. The label was struggling financially early on when the distributer went bankrupt. Fortunately, Marc Clair managed to release and sell enough material to pay off the debts.


  • Goldie cites Marc Clair as being an influence. Goldie designed the ‘R’ logo for Reinforced Records.


  • Only three singles/EPs in the early 1990s were released on CD. They are Oblivion (Head in The Clouds), Rainbow People and Heading to The Light. They only just missed out on the UK top 40.


  • The track listing on Rainbow People is incorrect. The sleeve and disc reads Try to Love Me, Let Your Mind be Free, Rainbow People and Hardcore Jung(a)lism when in fact track 1 is an instrumental version of Let Your Mind be Free followed by the vocal mix with the piano being a little crisper. Then track 3 and 4 is Hardcore Junglism and Try to Love Me.


  • The ‘Hardcore Junglism’ vocal sample is actually two words edited together from different parts of the same spoken sentence. The MC on stage at Fantastic Ibiza PA at Fantazia Second Sight 21/2/92 says something along the lines of ”enough of that Junglism, it’s time for some hardcore” or vice versa.


  • At roughly 2 minutes and 30 seconds on the Remix of Rainbow People, the pads sound a little like Summer Madness at 3 minutes and 57 seconds by Kool and The Gang.


  • The lyrics on Alright With Me are from Promised Land by Joe Smooth. ‘Never dissipating, always giving us strength, let the music play on, it’s gonna be alright’. And the ‘Alright with me’ sample is from Janet Jackson’s Alright.


  •  The piano melody in Oblivion and the one in the Remix of The Prodigy’s Your Love sound alike albeit in a different key and rhythm.


  • The piano melody in Hardcore Junglism and the one on ”Go Straight” in The Streets of Rage 2 video game soundtrack bear an uncanny resemblance to one another. Ironically, a ‘Sega Genesis Remix’ of Head in The Clouds is available on YouTube.


  • Generally on the internet, sample information regarding the Original Version of Hardcore Junglism is overlooked in favor of the exclusive remix. In some cases, it as though the version does not exist. The vocal ”oh, ah, ah, oh, ah, ooh” may be the vowel sounds sampled and harmonized from Candy Statton’s I Know, which features prominently on the remix. For example ”I know you don’t want me but if you want me it might be a different story”. The vocal sample is from Jinxed by DJ Blatant and The Master Programmer and edited into a new melody.


  • The premise behind ‘Rainbow People’ was to signify that people of all colours would dance side by side at raves.


  • The one track usually selected for ‘Old Skool’ compilations is Feel Real Good which is probably the most unoriginal song of all the Manix project as the piano is a direct sample from Sterling Void’s Don’t Wanna Go. It is more or less a breaks remix of said song.


  • The DR Tommy Remix and US House remixes of Reach Out bear no resemblance to the original. They are remixes insofar as they retain the lyric ‘Reach Out’ sung differently.


  • On the Heading to The Light sleeve and disc the year of release is not printed. It was 1993, apparently in June.


  • The piano riff from Oblivion is sampled in A Vision of Dread by The Criminal Minds. It is edited into sounding like a new melody. Coincidentally, this was sampled in Jinxed by DJ Blatant and The Master Programmer.