Recorded: Braintree, Essex.

Genre: Breakbeat hardcore

Year: 1992 circa

Label: XL Recordings

Members: Liam Howlett (Writer, producer, keyboards), Keeti ”Maxim Reality” Palmer (MC), Keith Flint (Dancer) and Leeroy Thornhill (Dancer).

Recommended Songs: Jericho. Wind it up (Edit). Your Love (Remix). Charly (Alley Cat Mix). Charly (Original Version). Everybody in The Place (Edit [of Fairground version]). Fire (Edit) Fire (Sunrise Version).


  • The Prodigy is named after the Moog Prodigy synthesiser. Liam Howlett met Keith Flint and Leeroy Thornhill at a rave and upon request gave them a tape of his songs with ”The Prodigy” written on it.


  • Although the band is often credited as forming in Braintree, Maxim was born in Peterborough in Cambridgeshire and Leeroy Barking in Essex. And Keith used to sleep on the sofa of Liam’s then-girlfriend.


  • On episode 6 of BBC comedy sketch show Walliams and Friend, Il Prima Donnas sing operatic versions of Prodigy songs including Everybody in The Place with great comedic affect in particular because the lyrics are merely a repetitive loop of vocal samples from MC Duke and Merlin’s Freestyle Part 2 (”everybody is in the place”) and Daddy Freddy Live Jam 1989 (”lets go”).


  • Jericho featured on an episode of BBC’s Doctors named ”Lights Out”. Jericho features a beat sampled from a remix of Feel Real Good by Manix.


  • The studio version of Death of The Prodigy Dancers is available only as an MP3.


  • One of the very few Breakbeat hardcore acts to release an LP during the rave era.


  • ”Prodigy” means a young person with exceptional qualities or abilities.


  • The Prodigy’s first single, Charly, was released a little over a week before Liam Howlett’s 20th birthday.


  • During this period there was little or no musical input from anyone in the band besides Liam Howlett.


  • The band had a female member named ”Sharkey”, a dancer, who left the band before any material was released.


  • On the Experience album, only track 7, Out of Space, wholly resembles any of the Prodigy’s chart releases during this period. All the other tracks are alternate versions of Charly, Everybody in The Place, Fire and Wind it Up. At the time of its release, Experience contained 83% previously unreleased material.


  • Liam Howlett is somewhat critical of the Experience LP claiming it plays like a compilation album and not diverse enough in style.


  • Due to the criticism Liam Howlett received from the media asking ‘has The Prodigy killed rave music?’ for an unbiased opinion he initially released a White label of One Love in 1993 under the pseudonym Earthbound.


  • Sections of Weather Experience sound a little like Pink Floyd’s Shine on You Crazy Diamond.


  • Unlike other artists signed to the XL Recordings label during that period, The Prodigy had their own branding for the record sleeves.


  • They champion SL2 and Slipmatt and Lime on the inside cover of Experience; On a Ragga Tip, with its Reggae sample, may have influenced Liam Howlett to write Out of Space which samples Max Romeo’s Chase the Devil.