You’re gullible.

There’s an old saying that goes ”the truth hurts”. But you have not put ‘truth’ to the test–as though truths are written in stone.

However, this is not about encouraging you to disprove the facts that displease you. Truth need not displease you at all. If ignorance is bliss, then knowledge must be power–at all costs.

Day in day out you are subject to so-called truths that are not yours, and hitherto you have not resisted their falsehood intellectually.

This is because, according to you, common opinions are truths, not necessarily because they are reasonable, but rather you feel yourself outnumbered by those who share them.

This makes you vulnerable to information as well as your individuality. You are inclined to believe everything you hear which perhaps, more consequentially, may not cover very much ground at all, in other words, you approach intellectual bankruptcy.

Because you have the best of intentions, albeit in a state of inaction, but nevertheless lack self-trust in relation to others, you are easily overpowered by their convictions. (Even I am doing it to you right now.)

But convictions are not synonymous with truth. In fact, at times convictions may be merely aggression or vanity.

You must think for yourself.