I’d like to ask you one simple question if I may:



Where would you be in a world without your computer?



There is little, if anything, you can do nowadays that you can’t do on your PC or laptop.



Banking, shopping, sales, reports….



But if your computer suffers a sudden technical ‘glitch’…



You’re the kind of person who doesn’t have time to figure out how to fix it yourself.



And why would you?



You have deadlines to meet, a business to run, sales to make,



and when your computer goes all bluey on you, you need it fixed NOW, and quick.



But what’s more…



With Helpful IT you can mix and match your own IT support package.



Some people laugh at me when I tell them this…



But the joke’s on them. They’re the kind of folk who pay through the nose for a new laptop at the first sign of trouble.



The chances are you share their skepticism,



But if you don’t, then you’ll no longer have to choose from a limited number of IT support packages currently on offer in the market.



With round the clock support from our team of experts, YOU choose exactly what YOU want to suit YOUR needs.



”It was 11:45 on a Thursday morning, and as a part time student balancing his studies with a full-time job I had to submit a paper to my tutor online by noon at the last minute. But when I switched on my PC, with absolutely no explanation whatsoever I had no internet connection and I was in danger of failing the assignment. My fellow students told me I was done for, but I phoned Helpful IT and much to our surprise I submitted the paper in a matter of seconds. Thanks to Helpful IT I have a first class degree in Computer Science.”

James Sullivan, Dagenham Essex



At Helpful IT we’re proficient in:


  • Windows XP/7/8/10 Support
  • Mac Support
  • Microsoft Office Packages
  • Broadband + Home Network Setup
  • Computer + Laptop Repair
  • iPad + Tablet Setup/Support
  • Computer/Tablet/Mobile Training
  • File Backups
  • Wireless Networks
  • Software Installs
  • Virus Removal
  • Cloud Storage Solutions
  • Printer Setup
  • Television and Media Center Installation
    System Upgrades



You’ve read this far, so what are you waiting for?



See the contact information below to mix and match your IT support package before the 14th February 2017 and benefit from our special introductory offer…


Contact us today on info@helpful-it.co.uk or +447739386851 to discuss your IT needs.