Origin: Loughton, Essex.

Genre: Breakbeat hardcore.

Years Active: 1989 —

Labels: Awesome Records, XL Recordings.

Members: Mathew ”Slipmatt” Nelson (Writer and Producer), Johnny ”Spanish” ”Lime” Fernandez (Writer and Producer), Jason ”Jay J” James (MC), Kelly Overett (Dancer), Jo Millett (Dancer).

Recommended Songs: On a Ragga Tip (Re-mastered version available on the compilation Rave Nation [2001]). DJs Take Control (DJ Seduction Remix). Pleasure. The Noise (Slipmatt and Lime Remix). Remix of Hypnosis originally performed by Psychotropic. Drumbeats.


  • They are one of many rave acts to come out of Essex in the early 1990s which include The Prodigy (Braintree), Sonz of a Loop da Loop Era (Eastwood), N-Joi (Leigh-on-Sea), Smart Es (Romford).
  • To this day, it is unclear whether SL2 refers to the Technics SL1200 turntables, or Slipmatt and Lime Two.
  • SL2 and Slipmatt and Lime are championed by The Prodigy on the inside cover of their album Experience (1992).
  • Formed Awesome Records after being allegedly ripped off by label B-Ware.
  • The logo of their record label is a bull. This may be because of the Spanish ancestry of DJ Lime.
  • XL Recordings signed them up in 1991 once copies of DJs Take Control on Awesome Records were in high demand.
  • A slipmat is a circular piece of cloth placed on a turntable instead of the traditional rubber mat.
  • Jay J is an old school friend of Slipmatt and Lime. It is the same Jay J partnered with Devious D on the famous track ”Time of Our Lives”.
  • Dancer Jo Millett was the girlfriend of DJ Lime. He would go on to co-produce her song ”R-Type”.
  • Kelly Overett would go on to form the band Capella.
  • On a Ragga Tip was produced solely on an Atari 1040. With the exception of the drum and bass elements, the entire track was produced from sounds sampled directly from Walk and Skank by Jah Screechie. The intro is sampled from the intro of an extended version and the synth stabs the end of the song. He joined SL2 on stage at Top of The Pops to perform the vocals that were an acappella on his record. Apparently, when he wasn’t scatting, he was a bus mechanic.
  • The breakbeat in On a Ragga Tip is sampled from Gittting Funky (UK Mix) by Kid ‘N’ Play which is a high-pitched two-step-like edit of the break at the end of James Brown’s Funky Drummer.
  • The beat from On a Ragga Tip is sampled in Cool Down by Manix.
  • On a Ragga Tip has featured in many T.V commercials including television channel Viva’s promos for The Fresh Prince of Bel Air in which Carlton can be seen to be rapidly dancing along, First Direct and McDonald’s.
  • It can be heard on popular video game FIFA Street (2005).


  • The car the band travel around London in in the promotional video for On a Ragga Tip was requested after they were initially offered one with pink fur stuck on the outside which they did no take too kindly to.
  • DJ Lime found the record Walk and Skank out of desire to produce a song with a reggae chant.
  • The dance performed by Kelly and Jo in the live PAs is effectively a hybrid of the Charleston and the C-Walk.
  • On a Ragga Tip released on April 12th 1992 was pipped to number 1 in the UK charts by both Right Said Fred’s Deeply Dippy and Stay With me by Shakespeare’s Sister.