So you’re a great guy. Funny, intelligent and kind-hearted. But there’s a catch.

You look younger than your years, and it’s affecting your confidence.

Now, everyone wants eternal youth. But you don’t want your baby face to forever prevent your boss from thinking of you as mature enough to give you that promotion at work, or have the girls of your dreams always reject you for men older-looking than you are. I mean… Slovenian model Melania Trump isn’t married to US president Donald Trump because of his foreign policy, is she?

And I know what you’re thinking — unless this guy talking to me about the importance of physical attractiveness is a plastic surgeon he should stop talking now. But there’s no need to go under the knife. Let me put your mind at ease:

I am extremely vain.

It’s embarrassingly obvious to anyone who knows me, but you know what? I’ll take being excessively proud of my looks over unavoidably modest like they are any day of the week. You can trust me to get you through this.

And don’t worry, neither will you have to starve yourself thin to Johnny Depp-like cheekbones, or smoke 500 fags a day like the rugged Robert Downey Jr to get that manly look you’re yearning for.

Before you know it, your boss will want to be you, and every woman will want to be with you.

Follow these easy, sure-fire steps now.

1. Show off your forehead.

If you have a fringe, you risk hiding your bone structure.

All your facial features from top to bottom must be as even in length as possible to make your face unified. Have your hair on top as long as the length of your forehead and or chin.

Get a hair do with shaved sides to accentuate your cheekbones and gel back your hair for a more prominent brow.


2. Outline your facial features with a short beard.

Virtually sketch the bone structure on your face.

Shave your cheeks and neck leaving a thin outline of hair in between to make your jaw line look squarer. If you don’t, your jaw will be absorbed into your cheeks and neck making your face look solely flesh like that of an adolescent. A square jaw signifies high testosterone levels which distinguishes the men from the boys.

The fleshier your face, the more your pencil beard should exceed your skin to give the impression of sunken cheeks. Also shave the dip between your chin and bottom lip. This will distinguish your chin from your lower jaw as well as your mouth.


3. Get an educated expression.

Do not overly concern yourself with your private thoughts at the expense of your outward appearance.

Now you have successfully made your face look as though it is carved from marble, get your gaze to match by being more attentive.

Your eyes must penetrate from within by being visibly conscious of the world around you, so look outwards objectively as does a man of maturity. The self-possessed look in your eyes will be on a par with the sharp contours of your bone structure.