Which of us 80s children would have thought that that allegedly famous rich businessman, who made a guest appearance on an episode of US sitcom the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, entitled ”For Sale by Owner”, would be elected as president of the United States 22 years later?

But in this day and age, everyone loves the anti-hero, if such a word is appropriate to describe Mr. Donald Trump and his presidential campaign.

If you ever watched the first season of the aforementioned sitcom, the initial concept of the show was that the titular character Will Smith was the fish out water i.e. the inner-city kid living with his wealthy, upper-class relatives in their mansion with ‘hilarious’ consequences. Now Will wasn’t an anti-hero as much as he was an antagonist (at least to his uncle Phil) shall we say, but nevertheless he was the star of the show.

Of course, voting who should run your country is a little more serious than the fictional and trivial matter of the Banks family selling their Bel Air mansion to prospective buyers, but Donald Trump was the star of the presidential election not only because he is a businessman before he is a politician, but also he has something in common with many people in this current climate.

At times like himself, the odds are against us.