Before I begin, I must point out that I don’t mean to criticise the 1968 sci-fi film, I’m a huge fan and I’ve been anticipating the third instalment of the reboot of the apes franchise out in 2017.

Over the past month I have also resumed my English Literature and Creative Writing degree course, the title of which has coincidently reminded me of a little ‘anomaly’ in the original Planet of The Apes movie that has always ‘bothered me’.

In the film you will remember that Charlton Heston’s character ‘George’ Taylor is intrigued to learn that he is now on an alien planet inhabited by talking Apes, and whilst temporarily mute he writes on a piece of paper ”my name is Taylor” for chimpanzee Zira to read.

And don’t forget his eerie line to orang-utan Dr.Zaius ”would an ape make a human doll that talks!?” and ”a planet where apes evolved from man; there’s gotta be an answer” i.e. he is insinuating that man may have been here before the apes.

If you were Taylor and believed that you had crash-landed on a planet millions of light years from earth, what would you be more bothered by: that the apes can speak at all? Or…

what the apes can speak is none other than planet earth’s very own…ENGLISH LANGUAGE!

It was not pointed out until the third instalment of the saga that humans and apes speak the same idiom when Cornelius asks ”English? What is English?”.

Taylor never openly questioned the coincidence.

Did he secretly believe that a colony of apes from earth beat him, Langdon, and Dodge to the new world?

Or was ‘Bright Eyes’ not so bright?

Just sayin’.