Are you tired of getting pimples? Do you look tired because you are tired of getting pimples? Want enthusiasm to leave the house and with confidence?

Never fear, here are 8 surprising easy-to-follow steps to instant clear skin along with reasons that profit-making skincare companies neglect to tell you.

1. Drink plenty of water

Because your body is made up of roughly 60% water, you must replenish it throughout the day, every day. Tap water is the best choice of fluid as it is purer than dehydrating fluids such as coffee, alcohol and soft drinks, not to mention free.

But if you drink water only when you are thirsty, you will run the risk of depleting your skin of moisture thus making it look dull. Your body depends on water for survival, so your skin will absorb it willingly enough, and you will look like a high-definition airbrushed photograph in no time.

2. Do not scrub your face clean.

Scrubbing your face clean will dry out your skin and make it look jagged, undoing the benefits of drinking a lot of fluid. It is tantamount to assault. Washing your face with hard water in particular will harden your skin. Physically stripping your face of natural moisture will make your skin look so dull that light cannot escape its surface.

By not scrubbing your face clean with soap and water, not only will your skin look undamaged by the end of the day, facial cleanser will be one less expense on your shopping list.

3. Clean shave/exfoliate.

A wet-shave with shaving gel is the cleanest way to exfoliate your skin because the blade will remove the excess dirt more efficiently than if you do so with a dry brush. Shave only with a double-bladed razor as doing so with one of several blades will remove multiple layers of skin, making your face look raw. Make sure that your razor has a ”lubricating strip” as this will give your face a glossy finish.

Double-bladed disposable razors are better value for money than a single razor of several blades, and you can make your can of shaving gel last months by lathering up a small amount of gel in your hands vigorously with each shave.

4. Steam your face.

A catch-22 in being well-hydrated is that because your body is cool, you will not sweat very much. Sweating is your body’s way of cooling you down when you are overheated, but more importantly it clears your skin. It is no coincidence that athlete’s faces look as though they are made of porcelain.

There is no need to go so far as to fork out for a year’s gym membership just to use it solely for the sauna. Simply steam your face for a few minutes with a bowl of boiling water to open your pores, ridding them of bacteria, excess sebum and dead skin.

5. Wipe your face clean with facial cleansing wipes.

Wipe your face clean of any shaving gel and water vapor residue. Having exfoliated your face with a blade, you do not need to put the finishing touches on your skin with much more force than that.

Because your face is already relatively clean at this point, you can afford to make a packet of facial cleansing wipes last twice as long than would be normal by tearing each one in two.

6. Do not apply moisturiser.

It is counterproductive to rid your pores of residue and then refill them with cream. Having already hydrated your skin, if you apply moisturiser it will clog your pores unnecessarily. By not applying moisturiser, your skin will be able to breath of its own accord.

However, if you have to apply foundation to even out your skin tone, rub in a tiny amount of moisturiser beforehand, but only in and around any areas of your face generally not prone to acne, to avoid potential flakiness.

7. Do not squeeze pimples.

Most whiteheads and blackheads are barely visible, but if you must expel an unsightly yellow head, when placing two fingers either side of it, instead of pushing you should pull because this will be less painful and unlikely to cause redness.

If the pimple is on the surface of the skin, the puss will come out in a nanosecond, but any built up sebum beneath should be left alone. Squeezing a deep-lying pimple is more of an arduous task and will disfigure your face, so give your skin a little time to reject the puss naturally.

8. Get plenty of restful sleep.

Believe it or not, a decent night’s kip is in part related to being well-hydrated. If you are well-hydrated before falling asleep, your body will be under less strain in the following hours, but be sure not to drink water too close to bed time as you will be up and down to the toilet all through the night.

Whether you need either 6, 7 or 8 hours sleep in general, without having to resort to ingesting sleeping pills before bedtime, you will achieve a restful slumber by allowing yourself to fall asleep in your own time and to wake up in your own time.