”Joy is everything that consists in fulfilling a potency, a force. You feel joy when you realise a potency, when you make a force real. On the other side, what is sadness? Sadness occurs when you are separated from a potency or force that, rightly or wrongly, you thought you were capable fulfilling. ”Ah, I could’ve done that… but the circumstances got in the way, or it was forbidden etc.” So it goes. Now that’s sadness. There’s no potency that is bad. What’s bad? We’d have to say it’s a reduction of potency or force to the lowest level. I’m saying what is it to do wrong, to be wicked. It’s to impede someone from doing what they can. What’s wrong is to impede someone from realizing and fulfilling a potency, a potential force. While there is no bad potency or force, there are bad or wicked powers. Power is bad in the sense that it may impose on people and separate them from what they are able to do”


Gilles Deleuze