The benefits of a healthy diet are evident in ones appearance. But eating everything we are told to eat would contribute to weight gain, not to mention cost a pretty penny and take up a lot of our time.

The healthy glow that the consumption of power foods bring about can be achieved by a high fluid intake. It gives your skin a saturated colour, reflects light better and prevents water retention by diluting your salt intake.

Most of us are guilty of drinking fluids only when we are thirsty. We think we are dehydrated only when we sweat but in hot weather we also dry out. We need to consume water for something as basic as breathing oxygen.

But unfortunately we do not eat only when we are hungry. We eat routinely out of habit, in some cases when we are physically tired, which might really be a sign of dehydration. If we need calories for energy, eating breakfast after 8 hours sleep–after eating dinner may be a case of unnecessarily stockpiling energy that you may never use. Eating only when hungry, preferably after exercise is the best and most natural course of action.